Cape Town, South Africa

9 - 11 September 2011

SABC 3's TV broadcast of Cape Inter-Provincials is available on YouTube

Click HERE for RESULTS (updated 14 Sept)

Click here for Full proposed time schedule:
Friday 9 Sept 06h00 - 12h00 (Visiting provinces practice)
Friday 9 Sept 13h00 - 18h00
Saturday 10 Sept 06h00 - 12h00
Sunday 11 Sept 06h00 - 15h00 (Finals)

Order of Skate

REGISTRATION: Registration will take place at on Thursday 8 September 2011 18:00-20:00 in the function room at the ice rink where nametags, gifts and any further information will be distributed.  All music, clearly marked with name/ short or long, (one program per disc per skater) must be handed in at registration.  This music will be used for the official practice in the main sound system. Please have a back up of your music available during the event for any emergencies.
Please note that any additional
ice time used for practice during the week, must be paid up before registration to the Skate Shop or you will not be allowed to register. Coaches to make sure that skaters fill in the patch form available at the CD player, failure could lead to disqualification from the event.
All SAFSA membership subs must be up to date, and the three month rule will be enforced.

All skaters are invited to a Spur Meal on Friday 9th Sept at 18:00, and a voucher will be included in your pack at registration to present to the waitron as payment. A group area will be designated for the skaters which will be directed by the Spur staff upon arrival. Coaches and parents are welcome to join at their own expenses, but the skaters must sit together in the designated area for billing purposes – the parents to arrange their own seating with the waitron.

Photographs will be taken after your first skate free of charge.  Any additional photo's (action, posed, podium) to be arranged and paid for directly with the photographer.

Please be at the rink at least 30 minutes prior to your section, in case the competition runs ahead of time.

Only well-wrapped items, fluffy toys and wrapped flowers are allowed to be thrown onto the ice.  There will be a fundraising table selling such items at very good prices.  No loose sweets or breakable items permitted.

A parade of ALL competitors will take place on Sunday at 13h30 - competition dress &  Provincial tracksuits - no blazers - and skaters will remain on the ice during the awards ceremony.  All skaters will receive a certificate of participation and the podium places a medal.

We look forward to welcoming all our visitors to Cape Town and having a great event.

Entry Form & Notification
Planned Program Content Sheet