2016 Cape Inter-Provincial Championships

Novice Girls


1Marion PAPKA WCP76.6611
2Eloise PAPKA WCP53.5025
3Tannith BRAND GAC52.7433
4Christelle VAN HEERDEN WCP51.4952
5Megan TIMMERMAN GAN49.5594
6Marilize BRINK WCP45.6976
7Chelsea JACOBS KZN43.0167
8Danielle ALVES WCP42.9949
9Tusani NHLEKO GAC41.24128
10Mia ERASMUS WCP39.461011
11Donatella GLATTER GAC37.411310
12Catharina BRUNNER LOPEZ GAC37.191112
13Tacoe VAN REENEN WCP36.09814
14Chenica PANTER WCP32.881513
15Melissa VENTER GAN31.341415

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